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All Guard Security Systems is one of the leading suppliers of top class security cameras digital video recording systems (DVRs) and supplies for remote monitoring and safety. Our surveillance solutions provide complete security to both commercial and residential sectors by protecting them against theft, vandalism, and crime.

Our security cameras help you monitor your business and home 24X7. You can install our CCTV cameras in offices, schools, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, parking spaces, government buildings, banks, hospitals and more.

Our security cameras also offer excellent remote
surveillance functionality.

Our surveillance solutions help you capture everything around you with  remote monitoring
and stay aware and alert always 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can tell them you "got it on tape."

Our CCTV cameras come with:

Technical Support
Low Price Guarantee
Satisfaction in Customer service
Professional installation Guaranteed
References on Request
Free seminar and training of your staff in use
   of new systems at your location

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